Google收购Writely已经半年多了,今天收到"Google Writely Team"的提示邮件,大致意思是可以使用Gmail的帐户直接登陆Writely网站。在经过长时间的整合以后,这个在线文档编辑器开始融合在Google系统中;现在还不能使用Gmail登陆。以下是邮件内容:

Dear chenmi,

In a few days, we will be switching over to Google Accounts for Writely registration and sign-in.

To make things simple, we will create a new Google account for you at chenmi@msn.com as part of the migration process.

You don’t have to do anything different — just sign in as usual, and your documents will be right there.

For more information about signing into Writely with your Google Account, see the FAQ at http://www.google.com/support/writely/bin/topic.py?topic=8615

Google Writely Team

整合以后,原有的用户没有影响,大概以后注册的用户将都是Gmail帐户。目前还可以使用其他的邮箱注册Writely帐户,有需要的人赶快注册,"In a few days"后就没机会了。