Sampa was founded in 2005 with one goal in mind: To help individuals and small businesses to easily build and maintain a website. There are many solutions for this problem today, but none that fits our criterion of easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable.

You can find tools to do whatever your imagination can think of (well, almost), but they are hard to use and usually expensive. You can find very easy-to-use solutions that don’t require any technical knowledge (Web Site Builders, blogs), but they give you very little customization and your site looks like everybody else, a static on-line brochure. Or, you can hire someone to build a website for you, which will be costly and it will cost even more money when you need to make updates.

Our goal is to provide a service that is as easy to use as a blog, but is flexible enough to let you customize your site the way you want it.


注册用户可以自己定义空间的二级域名和显示名称,域名和名称可以选择不同的名字。注册以后需要进一步设置其他内容,比如选择性的导入Flickr和Youtube的内容或者其他的收藏。网站除了提供用户必须的内容外,还有在页面种添加了一些Google Adsense的广告链接,大约是目前比较常见的盈利方式。对于目前很多2.0的网站来说,盈利比较困难,其中Google的文字广告成为比较常见的盈利模式,靠一些比较微簿的收入支撑网站的运营还是比较吃力。