Google Related Links

不知道这样的服务有什么用?分布时间好象是2006年4月3日,Google Related Links是一个可以显示搜索、新闻、网页三种相关链接的服务。根据一段脚本代码,可以指定相关链接显示的格式、链接类型、颜色风格,将该段代码嵌入你的网页中,Google就会自动显示相关的信息。

Google Related Links use the power of Google to automatically bring fresh, dynamic and interesting content links to any website. Webmasters can place these units on their site to provide visitors with links to useful information related to the site’s content, including relevant news, searches, and pages.

该项服务是免费的,不过Google建议每天超过1万次点击的用户最好联络服务小组。原文是这样介绍的:For websites that have over 10,000 hits a day, please contact the Google team