Chacha人工搜索,这个名字对于中国用户来说,方便记忆:查查。就名字来说比谷歌好很多(仅针对中国地区用户),不过在速度很慢而且总有无法显示的威胁。用户登陆主页时就能发现这个网站和其他综合搜索引擎存在比较大的区别,底部密密麻麻的人群在告诉用户网站具有强大的用户基础。"Thousands of guides. Millions of search results. The ChaCha Underground",通过Underground让用户在搜索的同时能获得良好的结果。

ChaCha has set out to create a better search engine. But this is no easy task and will take some time to be perfected.

Scott Jones and Brad Bostic, two dynamic entrepreneurs, were not satisfied with millions of irrelevant search results and thought there could be a better experience. So the ChaCha team has been hard at work to create:

· A smart search engine powered by human intelligence.
· A place to find exactly what you’re looking for without sifting through millions of results.
· Intelligent search results from people who are knowledgeable about the very thing you are looking for.

Remember, ChaCha is all about making the web more accessible, by giving you the most relevant results you need. And it’s your choice whether to search with or without a guide. So come join our experiment and have some fun!